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This course replaces: 10993: Integrating On-Premises Identity Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure

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AZURE-AD: Azure Active Directory Deployment and Integration

$2,595 Interface Gold™

  • 3 Days
  • Taught by Mike Pfeiffer
  • 6 Month Access to Scenario-Based Labs
  • Interface Exclusive Course
  • Deeper than Microsoft Course 10993
  • Microsoft SA Voucher Eligible
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Course Description

This course was custom built to help IT Professionals master implementing and managing Azure Active Directory environments in the Cloud. You’ll use multiple Azure AD tools and services in real-world scenarios to extend your Active Directory environments to the Azure Cloud. Mike Pfeiffer will take you much deeper than other training, and the custom labs will allow you to test what you have learned in a realistic, scenario-based environment – with 6 month access! Compare Interface AZURE-AD to the standard Microsoft Course MOC 10993, and see the value of this course…


Interface Azure-AD vs Microsoft Course

Download the Interface AZURE-AD vs. Microsoft Course 10993 Infographic


6 month access to custom, scenario-based Labs

The hands-on Azure AD training labs for this course were custom built so you can implement and manage Azure AD using practical, real-world scenarios. You’ll have long-term access to the labs – and they are updated quarterly, and have no dependencies on existing infrastructure or tools. You’ll simply need your own Microsoft Azure AD account to access and repeat the labs as often as you like.

About Mike Pfeiffer

Mike Pfeiffer is an accomplished IT architect, instructor, consultant, writer and conference speaker with 20 years of experience in the tech industry. After spending many years as an enterprise consultant and technical trainer, Mike went to work for Microsoft helping some of their biggest customers move to the cloud. Later, he joined Amazon Web Services (AWS) where he worked as a solutions architect, spending most of his time speaking at live events, writing code to build fully automated solutions, and helping customers and partners architect solutions in the cloud.



1. Introducing Azure AD

  • Azure Active Directory Overview
  • Azure AD Editions
  • Fundamentals of Azure Identity Management
  • Common Integration Scenarios


2. Implementing Role Based Access Control with Azure AD

  • Understanding Resource Access in Azure
  • Creating Administrator Accounts
  • Assigning Administrator Roles in Azure Active Directory
  • Understanding Role-Based Access Control Azure
  • Implementing Custom roles for Azure Role-Based Access Control


3. Extending On-Premises Active Directory to Azure

  • Architecture Overview
  • Implementing a Hybrid Network Architecture
  • Azure Virtual Machine Implementation
  • Scalability, Availability and Management Considerations
  • Real-world Implementation Steps


4. Architecting and Managing Azure Hybrid Identity

  • Overview of Azure AD Connect
  • Adding Custom Domains to Azure AD
  • Directory Synchronization with Azure AD Connect
  • Managing Synchronized Directories
  • Implementing Azure AD Connect Pass Through Authentication


5. Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Authenticating users in hybrid environments
  • Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Implementing User Password Reset Policy
  • Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Implementing a Multi-Factor Authentication Server On-Premises


6. Deploying Azure AD Application Proxy

  • Azure Active Directory Application Proxy Overview
  • Deploying Application Proxy
  • Publish Applications with App Proxy
  • Working with Existing On-premises Proxy Servers
  • Enabling Single-Sign-on
  • Enabling Conditional Access


7. Deploying and Managing Azure Information Protection

  • AD Information Protection Overview
  • Implementing Azure Information Protection
  • Integrating Azure Information Protection with On-Premises AD
  • Enabling and Configuring Azure Information Protection


8. Integrating Azure Active Directory with Applications

  • Overview of Application Integration with Azure AD
  • Providing Access to Applications
  • Managing Enterprise Applications
  • Integrating Custom Applications
  • Implementing Azure AD B2C
  • Implementing Azure AD B2B


9. Implementing Azure Active Directory Domain Services

  • Azure AD Domain Services Overview
  • Implementing Azure AD DS
  • Joining a Managed Domain
  • Administering a Managed Domain
  • Deploying Applications


10. Monitoring Azure AD

  • Understanding Azure AD Connect Health and Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS)
  • Configuring Reporting and Monitoring
  • Configuring Azure AD Reports and Notifications
  • Configuring Azure AD Monitoring

This three (3) day course is intended for IT operators and application developers who need to understand the identity and access management services and capabilities available in the Azure cloud. This comprehensive course will teach students practical skills for implementing and managing Azure Active Directory.


We recommend that attendees have general experience with systems administration or software development. Familiarity with the Windows operating system and on-premises Active Directory Domain Services is recommended. Experience with Azure is not required but will be helpful.

What You Will Learn

After completing this course attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the differences between Azure AD, Azure AD Domain Services, Azure AD B2C, and Azure AD B2B
  • Implement role based access control in Azure
  • Extend on-premises Active Directory environments into the Azure cloud
  • Synchronize on-premises users to Azure using Azure AD Connect
  • Use Azure AD as a directory service for an on-premises environment
  • Implement multi-factor authentication
  • Publish applications with Azure AD Application Proxy
  • Implement Azure RMS and integrate Azure RMS with on-premises services
  • Integrate enterprise and custom applications with Azure AD
  • Implement Domain Controllers as a Service with Azure AD Domain Services
  • Configure alerts and monitor directory services infrastructure
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