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50331: Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support Technician

$2,495 Interface Gold™

  • 5 Days
  • Microsoft SA Voucher Eligible
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Course Description

This five-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to isolate, document and resolve problems on a Windows 7 desktop or laptop computer. MOC 50331 will also help test takers prepare for the 70-685 exam. Interface is a Microsoft Partner in Arizona with the Gold Learning Competency, therefore at Interface Technical Training; you will get hands-on instructor-led training with real-world scenarios to help you become more proficient with Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support. This course is frequently available to attend online with our RemoteLive™ instructor-led learning product.


1. Identify and Resolve New Software Installation Issues

  • Understand the different installation options for Windows 7 applications
  • Resolve Windows 7 installation problems
  • Prevent users from running unapproved applications

2. Resolve Software Configuration Issues

  • Fix application install problems caused by older programs or new features and options
  • Create a Windows 7 VHD disk
  • Configure operating system features
  • Understand the impact of Driver Updates
  • Fix software configuration problems
  • Use the Problem Steps Recorder tool

3. Resolve Software Failure

  • Configure Event Forwarding
  • Use System Restore to fix desktop problems
  • Create a Windows 7 Troubleshooter

4. Identify and Resolve Logon Issues

  • Create Roaming and Mandatory User Profiles
  • Configure Machine Accounts in Active Directory
  • Configure User Account Properties in Active Directory

5. Identify and Resolve Network Connectivity Issues

  • Use command-line tools to troubleshoot connectivity problems
  • Use the Windows Troubleshooters to fix configuration issues
  • Configure Advanced TCP/IP options on a client computer

6. Identify and Resolve Name Resolution Issues

  • Configure records on a DNS Server
  • Configure HOSTS records
  • Using command-line and scripting tools to configure TCP/IP settings

7. Identify and Resolve Network Printer Issues

  • Optimize the performance of the Print Spooler
  • Redirect Print Jobs from non-functioning Printers
  • Manage Active Directory registration of Printers
  • Manage Printer Permissions

8. Identify and Resolve Performance Issues

  • Configure automatic responses to Service failure
  • Manage the use of Processing resources by applications
  • View and control active connections to a computer
  • Optimize Hard-Disk performance

9. Identify and Resolve Hardware Failure Issues

  • Understand how to be proactive in dealing with hardware problems
  • Use Windows 7 hardware diagnostic tools

10. Identify and Resolve Wireless Connectivity Issues

  • Understand the encryption options available for wireless networks
  • Use Windows 7 Wireless security options
  • Fix client connectivity problems

11. Identify and Resolve Remote Access Issues

  • Understand the security options available when creating remote access connections
  • Understand the new capabilities of VPN connections that use DirectAccess
  • Resolve connectivity problems for VPN and Dial-Up connections

12. Manage File Synchronization

  • Configure Transparent Caching
  • Restore deleted network files

13. Identify and Resolve Internet Explorer Security Issues

  • How to use new security features like Smart Screen Filtering
  • Manage Internet Explorer Add-ons
  • Use IE features to warn the user about potential security problems

14. Identify and Resolve Firewall Issues

  • Block applications from communicating over the network
  • Record and setup notifications of unapproved network communication
  • Fix problems caused by improper configuration of Windows Firewall

15. Identify and Resolve Issues Due To Malicious Software

  • Identify problems caused by viruses and other malware
  • How to protect Internet Explorer and E-mail applications from malware attack
  • How to prevent data loss and fix a computer after a malware attack

16. Identify and Resolve Encryption Issues

  • Recover from lost encryption keys
  • How to encrypt individual files using EFS
  • Use BitLocker to protect laptops and insecure computers

17. Identify and Resolve Software Update Issues

  • Configure client computers to get updates from the local network instead of the Internet
  • Understand the different options available when updating the operating system
  • Understand how to configure automatic updates for Microsoft applications


This course is intended for Windows 7 desktop support technicians who currently resolve Tier 1 and 2 problems on enterprise computers running Windows 7, as well as experienced support technicians seeking to expand their troubleshooting skills for Windows 7. Note that this course is not an introduction to Windows 7.


The course requires experience deploying, managing, and using Windows 7 in an enterprise environment. Students must have at least one year hands-on experience with Windows 7. Three years of experience configuring and supporting desktop or laptop operating systems is recommended.

In addition, this course requires experience working in a domain environment using desktop and command-line troubleshooting tools, installing and troubleshooting desktop application problems, configuring registry and group policy settings, and TCP/IP troubleshooting skills.

Students should have successfully completed one of the following courses or have equivalent experience:

6292: Installing and Configuring Windows 7 Client

6294: Planning and Managing Windows 7 Desktop Deployment and Environment

What You Will Learn

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify and Resolve Desktop Application Issues
  • Identify the Cause of and Resolve Networking Issues
  • How to use network services and local computer files to resolve computer names
  • How to improve the performance of a system by monitoring and controlling the use of resources by applications
  • How to configure reliable and secure wireless connectivity for client computers.
  • How to diagnose hardware problems on a computer
  • Manage and Maintain Systems That Run Windows 7
  • Support Mobile Users
  • Identify the Cause of and Resolve Security Issues
  • How to restore a computer system after an attack by viruses or other malicious software.
  • How to enable and use the software update features available in Windows 7

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"As always, MikeDan was awesome! Can't wait to come back in November to take the Win10 course from him."
September 23, 2016 | 50331 Student
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